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  1. Ive been interested in joining since 08. My family and I have seen the MSG several times at toys r us and malls. Im really interested in doing a boba fett from ROTJ or tk (I know this is the first build you recommend). Just let me know when your next "prop party" is and ill be there with beer and pizza. Hell I'll even show up to help/observe someone else's build just to see the process.
  2. Hello all, My name is Rod Schmidt. I've live in Clarksville TN. I saw you at the local Toys R Us one weekend and have wanted to be a part of your outfit ever since. I was in the military for 14 years and am now in school to be a paramedic. I would like to build cpt rex or a stormtrooper armor for my first build and I look forward to the challenge. I look forward to meeting you all. Rod Schmidt, EMT IV
  3. Looking to be a new member.

    So it sounds like TK armor should be my first from what you all say. So where should I start? Meeting with some of you sounds great, I can even bring the beer. :-) Should I start looking at a Master Replica helmet or is that part of the build as well?