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  1. Greetings From Lex

    Welcome to MSG.
  2. Hello! From Murray, KY

  3. Hello from Lexington Ky

  4. Mandalorian In The Tri-Cities

    Welcome Chris!
  5. Su'cuy Vod (Hello Brother)

    Welcome to MSG.
  6. Due to recent circumstances beyond my control, i have stepped down from the duties and responsibilities of this post within BMC -MMCC. i just simply dont have the time for it anymore.
  7. Hello New Friends!

    Welcome to MSG
  8. Thanks Raychel, I'll post invites to the surrounding clans in Ky, TN,GA & AL.
  9. have her jump on MMCC boards and start researching a kit to design. There is some excellent helmet and armor builders on the trading stations "General Goods" & "Mandalorian Armor supply" boards. There are a couple of armorers who are amking female chest armor now. its great looking armor too. Besuulik Clan (TN & AR) would love to have you guys join their ranks.
  10. Several weeks ago I was promoted within the Blue Moon Clan(Ky) to the position of Ruus'alor (Sgt of Arms). Many of you already know I troop more with my Mando than with my TK. As the BMC grows, I will spend more time working with Dar Kyram and Blackbird in managing events and the Clan. If the MSG or RL ever need help covering events, please dont hesitate to invite us. I will be more than happy to post a event invite on BMCs boards and try to get some Mercs to troop events.
  11. Hello!

    Welcome to the MSG! I'm just over the hill and river from you guys in Monticello.