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Found 2 results

  1. Hello From West Knoxville

    Hello all from (West) Knoxville Tennessee. After MANY years of being asked by several members and friends of mine from the 501st MidSouth garrison I have decided to join the garrison. Jim Heaton (heatray)and Paul Ratcliff (sand rat) are helping me. Jim is getting me a set of armor to build. (ANOVOS) TK armor and Paul and he have offered to help me build it. I have always since the original movies back in the 70's wanted to do this so finally I am! I have heard stories from the guys I know ans seen you all in action at different events and really believe in the purpose and mission of the 501st. So I request that I be considered as a recruit and in the process of joining the 501st MidSouth Garrison. About me : Name : Greg Johnson age : 53 marital status: married height: 6'2" weight: 195 lbs Profession: Certified PreOwned manager at Audi of Knoxville Other Interests: Musician (multi instrument mainly Drums) Studio recording, instrument building (drums and guitars) Photography and film, Illustrations , Art and Screenplay writing. I have been building models and weapons for longer than I can remember. Paul has a couple of my sculptures I did 20 years ago in his collection. I am currently working on a blaster build based on the PVC pipe build I found online. The plan is to have the armor and all the accessories ready before May4th. I plan to attend the Lexington Comic and Toy CON. march 9-11 I will be there Saturday evening around 4-5 and Sunday to meet several of the people involved in the 501st mid south garrison. Please say hello. screen name: in2thedarkside also my Deviant art name. I have several Star Wars based Drawings I have done there as well. Contact: The easiest way to reach me is through e-mail gjohnsonintn@yahoo.com or text message (865) 455-7403 Any help and assistance in creating a suit of armor that will be approved by the 501st is welcome. I look forward to meeting everyone and getting to know them. Greg (Boom Boom)
  2. Hello From KTown!

    Hello all, My name James and I'm new to this forum. I met a couple of guys form the Garrison who had a booth set up at the Fanboy Expo in Knoxville TN. I talked with 1 guy for awhile and he told me about the group. I wish I could remember his name. Sry. I have always wanted to put together a Storm Troopers outfit and do appearances( esp. with children). I never really knew how or where to go about this. I always thought is way out of my price range. I am a Public servant here in Knoxville TN, so I already work with the public but sometimes they don't want me around when Im working.(( Wink, Wink, Nudge Nudge!!)) I still remember the day I saw Star Wars come out, I was totally convinced I wanted to be a Trooper!! LOL.... Any and all help I can give to or receive from the Garrison would be awesome!! Thanks for letting me talk for a bit..