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Found 4 results

  1. Hello folks! My name is Caleb Mask, and I'm from the Chattanooga (TN) area. I learned about the Midsouth Garrison (the nearest contingent to me) through the 501st website, and I'm requesting access to the forum to engage local Troopers and gain valuable insight from those more knowledgeable than I as I move forward with my first build. I've been a lifelong Star Wars fan and have wanted to build a stormtrooper outfit and join the 501st for over a decade. I am finally taking steps to become a TK, spending much of my free time on the FISD forum, saving links and soaking up a wealth of information. My wife and I have a 7-month old little girl, so my build time will be limited and I expect this project to take 6-9 months to complete. My hope is that I can be a TK for Halloween in 2020, and walk my little baby Princess Leia (not her real name) down the street. I can just picture her holding my black-gloved hand and taking little 1.5-year-old baby steps. Maybe her candy bucket will literally be a small TK bucket turned over with a handle. Ok, enough fantasizing and mushy talk. In a perfect world I'd be done with my TK build and Legion-approved in time to participate in some May 4th events (if any exist in the Chattanooga area). Anyway, here are the components I will likely move forward with. If any of you Troopers have experiences (good and bad) with any of them, reach out to let me know if I'm heading in the right direction, or need to reassess. As of today (11/19/19) I have not pulled the trigger on any of these purchases, but I will be doing so in the next few days and weeks. For reference, I am 6' tall and my weight ranges from 175-190 lbs, depending on the time of the year (Thanksgiving and Christmas are blissfully dangerous). Bucket: ATA Armor: ATA Undersuit: tbd. Likely two-piece. Boots: Imperial Boots 421 Gloves: Trooperbay (glove + guard combo) Strapping: tbd. Likely double-snap strap system Blaster: Trooperbay E-11 rubber, similar to Hyperfirm and Praetorian (gotta splurge somewhere) Holster: DarmansProps (Etsy) Neck seal: DarmansProps (Etsy) Belt: Imperial Issue From the start I would like to build my ANH stunt TK kit with Centurion classification in mind, so any tips regarding those specific details would be most helpful. In following different build threads I've found various photos of the requirements listed on the CRL, but I'm sure there are more things to learn and see diagrammed or photographed. For the sake of full disclosure, my current home residence is technically barely across the Georgia state line, in Chickamauga, but I've moved back and forth across the state lines multiple times in the past several years, so who knows which side of the border I'll be on by the time I complete my TK build. At the very least, virtually all the troop events I would attend would be those in Chattanooga, likely hosted by the Mos Nooga Squad. Some events I may be interested in handling for, while I work on my build, are the World of Wheels event in January (2020), and potentially the Chatt Christmas parade, if the 501st will be present this year. I look forward to joining the Legion in the not too distant future, and meeting some of you fine folks! Thanks in advance, Troopers, for all your help!
  2. Hello!

    Hello everyone! My name is Morgan. I call Knoxville, TN my home now, but I grew up in Memphis. I work as a programmer at ORNL. After lurking on the Facebook Phasma build group for a year, I am currently in the process of ordering my Phasma kit! I will be using vacuum metalization (instead of painting) to make my kit shiny, and there is currently a place in Knoxville named Hicks Plastics that does this process commercially. I am waiting for my kit to arrive before I contact them, but I’m wondering if any of you have connections there by any chance. Also, does Knoxville have its own squad? Nice to meet you all.
  3. Hello

    Hello, My names Morgan Neuman, I'm interested in joining as a tie pilot. I have a friend who just joined the 501st up in Ohio. I've been tossing around the idea of joining for a while he kinda got me to look more seriously at joining, he told me about the forum in ohio and figured I'd look to see if there was one here. I'm in Clarksville TN. I am requesting access hoping to kinda reach out and see if there are any others near me who may be able to help me with joining.
  4. Hello From West Knoxville

    Hello all from (West) Knoxville Tennessee. After MANY years of being asked by several members and friends of mine from the 501st MidSouth garrison I have decided to join the garrison. Jim Heaton (heatray)and Paul Ratcliff (sand rat) are helping me. Jim is getting me a set of armor to build. (ANOVOS) TK armor and Paul and he have offered to help me build it. I have always since the original movies back in the 70's wanted to do this so finally I am! I have heard stories from the guys I know ans seen you all in action at different events and really believe in the purpose and mission of the 501st. So I request that I be considered as a recruit and in the process of joining the 501st MidSouth Garrison. About me : Name : Greg Johnson age : 53 marital status: married height: 6'2" weight: 195 lbs Profession: Certified PreOwned manager at Audi of Knoxville Other Interests: Musician (multi instrument mainly Drums) Studio recording, instrument building (drums and guitars) Photography and film, Illustrations , Art and Screenplay writing. I have been building models and weapons for longer than I can remember. Paul has a couple of my sculptures I did 20 years ago in his collection. I am currently working on a blaster build based on the PVC pipe build I found online. The plan is to have the armor and all the accessories ready before May4th. I plan to attend the Lexington Comic and Toy CON. march 9-11 I will be there Saturday evening around 4-5 and Sunday to meet several of the people involved in the 501st mid south garrison. Please say hello. screen name: in2thedarkside also my Deviant art name. I have several Star Wars based Drawings I have done there as well. Contact: The easiest way to reach me is through e-mail gjohnsonintn@yahoo.com or text message (865) 455-7403 Any help and assistance in creating a suit of armor that will be approved by the 501st is welcome. I look forward to meeting everyone and getting to know them. Greg (Boom Boom)