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Found 1 result

  1. It has been a number of years since I last Trooped and event but I have an after operation report. Portland Strawberry Festival Parade; I work with a local pastor of the Portland Free Will Baptist Church and they do a float each year in the annual parade. Since the theme this year was STAR WARS, as you all know, and knowing of my own Trooping back ground, he asked if I would ride along on the Church's float. I couldn't very well say no. Since may last trooping event I have gained a bit of weight and my TK armor no longer fits quite right. My Tie Pilot was the best option for this operation. I did check the boards here and some how missed the event posting. I had no idea the 501st Legion was the Grand Marshall of the parade until about ten minutes from the start of the parade. The Churches float was near the end of the parade and I saw no evidence of a 501st or Rebel legion presence. Anyway, I Trooped my first event in nearly 5 years, had a great time waving to the kids both young an old, from the trunck pulling Jabba'a Barge. Sorry I missed the rest of you. maye I'll be able to do another event sometime soon. Siging Off., TI0235 Mark