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  1. Hello all!!! I just got approved for my Doctor Aphra yesterday around noon, but they have not posted my announcement photo yet. I am in the Bluegrass Garrison, Blue Sun Squad however I live in the south eastern most corner of KY bordering TN and Virginia. It takes me 2 hours to get to Lexington going north but 1.5 hours south to Knoxville. Some of my Garrison I met at frankfortcon on saturday suggested I sign up on your boards because you all may have troops going on closer to me that I can come help with. Looking at the schedule I see Ice Bears coming up. I LOVE HOCKEY! But I have no idea Knoxville had a team. So due to scheduling it looks like my very first troop may be Ice Bears if it's ok with you guys! I have checked in and it looks my Boss man Vader from bluegrass and his wife are coming too. Outside the costume, I'm a child therapist working at a private foster care agency. I specialize in doing play therapy with abused and neglected kiddos in states custody. I'm working on my PH.D in counseling so I can start teaching others how to be good therapists. My little family likes star wars, but not the way I love it, it keeps me sane with the line of work I do. It's a pleasure to be here and I can't wait to meet you guys at the Ice Bears game!