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Found 5 results

  1. New in Knoxville

    Hi all, Excited to be working on Shoretrooper Grunt build with 850 Armorworks. Currently obtaining soft foods while waiting for kit to arrive, but have some questions. If anyone in the Knoxville area is willing to help this newbie out please let me know. I've been reading the message boards about the E22, but are weapons required for approval? I am especially intimidated by all the strapping and hope to find another Shoretrooper who can help me once it's time to put it on the first time. I jumped into this without seeing how all these pieces come together. Thanks!
  2. Hello from Knoxville TN I have wanted to join the 501 for about 4 yrs. Love star wars. can't wait to build my first kit. Senate Guard.
  3. My name is Christopher Tarantino, yes Tarantino is my real name. I recently moved to Memphis TN. I am active Air Force and love doing charity work. I love how the 501st does charity work as well as just enjoying Star Wars. That is what made me want to join. I also run Comic Cons and help run shows as a hobby so I was constantly interacting with the 501st and was recruited to join. It's like having a second family. I look forward to meet you all and working together. Attached is a picture of me as Vader at work and yes it's a military recruiting office. V/R Chris
  4. Hello From Memphis!

    Hey everyone! My name is Trey McGinnis and I currently live in Memphis. Over the past month or so my younger brother has gotten me involved in the 501st. He's a Halo costumer who made some 501st friends (from the Rancor Raiders) and has since turned to the dark side. I'm currently a junior in college studying electrical engineering, computer science, and math. I'm involved with a lot of stuff at my school, including a big service initiative that we do each year. I love that the 501st isn't just about having an awesome costume, you also do all sorts of service things with it! My younger brother (Brian) and I are working on ARC clone troopers to start with. He's got a good grasp of the costuming process from his experience as a Halo costumer, so I'm going to be learning a lot in the next year or so. We both have electronics experience, so we're going to have fun wiring up our helmets with fans, coms, rangefinders .etc. I'm already a member of the clone trooper forums, where I've been researching and reading up on vendors and such. I'm planning on going to the Riverkings game on the 23rd as a handler, so I look forward to meeting more 501st members in the area!
  5. Just wanted to pop in and introduce myself. Everyone calls me Will. Just got my first ANH kit from someone over on the white armor forums. Will be building it over the next couple of months I guess. Would definitely welcome any help. I'll be posting some pics as i go along over on white armor. I'll post link here once it's going in case anybody wants to follow along.