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Looking to serve the 501st

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Hello my name is James Leach!  I am completely new to the costuming scene and am very interested in joining the 501st. I just moved to Nashville (Madison) a few moths ago and work as a lighting programmer, operator, and technician for Pulse Lighting. I first heard about the 501st while doing barbershop quartet at a St Judes back home a few years ago.  
I haven’t decided what to build, yet. I’d love to get to be Darth Vader or Kylo someday, but I’m sure you already have it covered. I think being a TK Stormtrooper would be a lot of fun as well. I just want to be apart of this organization and help make a difference. 
Also, my pictures would only import upside down, so that’s why my profile is upside down.

I look forward to hopefully meeting you soon!

Happy holidays!


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Hey James,
TK is always a great costume and not that difficult to build.
My advice would be to join the whitearmor.net page and read read read!!!
Same for any character you are thinking about. Ask lots of questions, and do lots of research before starting a build. We are all here to help.
Good luck!!

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In the end it all comes down to what costume you want to do and what kind of budget you have to work with (as well as time to collect and put together all the resources for the costume). Generally there are enough troops to go around where all Vaders should get ample chance to troop. Stormtrooper is always great because there is no such thing as too many Stormtroopers.

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Thanks RynoHawk!  
Budget won’t be a super huge factor (because I’m planning to try to do it over several months to lessen the impact). I’ve always enjoyed the Sith, but getting to goof off as a storm trooper sounds like really fun. 
I have zero crafting/building experience, Other than welding, so I feel like it’s a massive undertaking. I’m planning to dig into this more next week. Thanks for the help and motivation!  

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