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Hello there! My name is Drew Stewart, and I live in Knoxville. I've always loved Star Wars and been interested in the 501st for a while, but after running into a garrison on vacation in North Carolina the other day, I've decided I needed to take the plunge and join up! I'm interested in making an ID (to start!) and I'm looking forward to commanding some troops!

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Welcome, Drew.  Knoxville has a nice squad, and many of them have been trooping for several years.  Always good to new recruits though, so as long as there are no special restrictions on the events, please check the forums and calendar for events in and around Knoxville area.  You can meet some of the local troopers, and perhaps get some good advice and feedback from them. Other areas that tend to have steady events are Chattanooga, Nashville (along with Clarksville), and Memphis.  Jackson and Cookeville sometimes have events, too.  If you know you are going to be in any of those areas, please look at the calendars for them and come out and meet more of us. 


I'm fond of the officer classes, and how versatile the uniforms are...  You can focus on one, and vary some things, and wind up with quite a few technically different, but valid costumes. :)

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