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Greetings from Georgia!

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Hello everyone,


My name is Devin Padgett (TK47501) from Dalton, GA.  I am a new member of the 501st, and of the Georgia Garrison as of May, 2021.  Most of the events happening in GA are in Atlanta or even further south, and being in the extreme northwest corner, I've missed out on many opportunities due to travel and timing.   I would like to have the opportunity to participate with Midsouth Garrison in some events closer to home in the Chattanooga and Cleveland TN, areas as a guest.


Thanks for your consideration!

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It's not my call, but garrisons usually allow out of state troopers.  In fact, I think there were Georgians at the troop yesterday in Chattanooga.  Welcome!

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Hi Devin,


Ron is correct...  You would certainly be able to troop with us.  The only thing that gets a little tricky is that, to meet your trooping requirement for each year, you should troop with GA Garrison at least once a year so that they can confirm that you met the requirement.  But as long as you keep them informed and/or troop with them here an there, you can certainly add events to your schedule for us (MSG) as well if they are easier to attend.  :) 


Only certain events would be restricted to MSG members only... such as Weird Al concerts and more strict conventions that have limited passes for troopers.  For example, If Connooga or Knoxville's Fanboy Expo only allows X troopers to get in free, those X spots would be reserved for MSG troopers.  If there are extras, or not all the spots are filled after a certain time, visiting garrison troopers are next in line for those passes.  For ICCC that was in Nashville, we had a block of passes, and reserved a small amount for some visiting garrisons, but that depends on the number of passes available in the first place.  It works the other way, too.  When Dragon*Con happens in Atlanta, GA, we'd have to go through Georgia Garrison for any official trooping status... such as any parade participation limits, fan table passes, etc.   Most other events have no such restrictions, so just make sure you sign up with the correct garrison for the event.  


Once Robbie gives you visiting trooper status on our forum, you should be able to sign up for any events in TN here.    Or, look at the GA garrison forum and see if there is a joint opts section for events in TN (or NE AL) and sign up there.  We have similar arrangements with AL and KY as well... for when events are shared or so close to the border that both garrisons provide troopers.  If the event is listed there in a joint opts section,  one of the GA GEC's will communicate with one of our GEC's or local squad leaders and pass the list to us.  :)  But, once you can see the event posts and calendar of events, you can sign up here directly for many of ours. 


The Chattanooga area does have a decent number of events come through, and they are dedicated squad of troopers.  I have trooped with several of them more than a few times.  The more troopers they have available for events, including you, the more that each event will succeed. 


Welcome Devin. :)

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