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Event signups... 501st vs RL vs MMCC, etc.

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This will apply to all members of all our costuming groups (501st, Rebel Legion, and Mando Mercs... as well as any of the other groups that might play with is via LFL Open Invites).  This reminder will be posted here and in the General Discussions area for everyone to see...


When signing up for an event, please sign up with the appropriate group, for that event, based on the costume you are planning to use.  If you are asking to join an event in a costume still in progress (A.K.A. "not yet approved" or pending) please request permission on the event first.  I will have more coming on this later, but for now please signup through the group that your costumed character belongs to.  :)


I'm not against posting to the other sites as well for the same event, but if you have an RL costume, you need to sign up through the RL's forum.  If you have a Mandalorian that is not specifically in the 501st CRL listing, please join the MMCC group and signup there as appropriate for the group...  Don't worry, we still want all the groups to play together at events well, but for book-keeping and census tracking for members, and permission for those pending approval, it will help all three groups.  The same would apply to other groups such as the droid builder group if the group is part of the ones recognized by LFL.


As of the last few months, I think that we have been consistently cross-posting events for any that both are invited between us and the RL, and even the MMCC lately.  So, feel free to look here first if you'd prefer.  However, please sign up with the right group based on your character first.  Then, if you'd like, feel free to let us know here if you've signed up there.   Ex: if you are planning to come as Han Solo or Lando, please sign up through the RL first.  Then, by all means, let us know as well.  But, please sign up there before posting here.  If you're seeking to be a helper or handler, please sign up with the group you'd most likely want to join or troop with first.


Again, this applies to ALL event signups... every squad, and every member or recruit or even handler.  Thanks, and hopefully we'll see everyone at upcoming events soon.  :)


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For Rebel Legion costumes, please contact Kathy.  Her RL username is: LookingGlassCosplay


Sine you will not be able to post directly to an event thread on their forum until you have an approved RL costume, please PM her directly about any events you are interested in attending.

Her profile link for a PM (private message, or direct message) is: http://www.forum.rebellegion.com/forum/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=112416

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