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Hello from Portland

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Hello all. My name is Will Vance and I live in Portland about 45 minutes north of Nashville. I have watched the 501st on Facebook for a few years and have got to see some of you in different places, sporting events, parades, etc. I would like to join the Garrison now that life has finally slowed down and the world is getting somewhat back to normal. With extra time and all the little ones living their lives, I am looking forward to meeting new people and being part of a very cool group. 

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Welcome, Will.


Hopefully, events will continue, and we will be able to troop... at least somewhat back to normal again.  We have a lot of events in Nashville area, and in Clarksville here an there.  Sometimes, we even get requests for Portland or nearby events.


For you, the first (or next) step will be to figure out what sort of costume(s) you like, and figure out where to start in terms of building or assembling your first approved costume. :)


You can never go wrong with a stormtrooper or TIE pilot, and many of the other troop types.  Once completed, they are always well-received at events.  Each, however, does require time to build, sand, paint, and strap (to oversimplify) so that the kit looks correct and screen accurate when on you.  If you have something specific already in mind, especially a favorite character that will help fuel your enthusiasm to build it and troop in it, that is usually best.


However, if you are looking for something a little easier to start with, an officer or crewman might be a better place to start.  You can always add another costume later, and it can be good to have alternates...  So having an officer or crewman costume can be good to have even if you want a stormtrooper or something more elaborate.  You might prefer the armor at some events, and a tunic or flight suit for others.  :D  Some of the officer or crewman components are the base of, or work for, a variety of other costumes.


There are lots of options, so if you are not sure, or have not yet narrowed down what you want, here is the CRL (Costume Reference Library) where you can see the costumes by either type or group, or by name.  You'll want to pay attention to detail and look at the pictures carefully.  Sometimes, a seam or a notch can change it from approved to not.



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