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Just another WV friend

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Hey I just wanted to say hello, and glad to meet you.

I am another one of those West Virginian's but not from the South East, more from the North West. I am closer to Ohio by a few miles but travel South quite often for work.

Hope some day soon to be able to come and troop with you all.

I am with Garrison Carida, MEPD SWAT, and FISD ELITE soon to be Centurian I hope.

I am also working on a Wookie but it takes quite a bit of time to make this the way I want it so it will be a LONG wait. LOL

If anyone ever needs anything on the Sandy side, just let me know. I am the master Pauldron builder for the MEPD and would be glad to help anytime.

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Hey Jay, nice to have you here!

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