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Another Newb To The Forum!

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Hello MidSouth Garrison!

My name is David Arnold (normally Dave or "hey-you" works well), I've been interested in joining the legion for a little over a year and a half. Took quite a bit of time and researched the TK armor on FISD. Still on that forum as bluetick450r, but will change that one to TKheehaw after the submission and approval process is done. I live in the VERY upper NE TN region in the Tri-cities area, (Bristol VA) but lived most of my life on the TN side. And yes, I bleed orange and will be on the UT side when VT comes to the speedway!

Presently, I'm researching which garrison to join as I'm really close to Tyranus, Carolinas, and Midsouth. But would troop with any and all if allowed.

About half-way done with an ATA works kit that came just after the holidays. And looking forward to getting involved in trooping soon.

Thanks a bunch.

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Welcome to the MSG Dave.

You should have no problem trooping with any garrison near you. Generally you are officially in the one you live in but there can be exceptions.

Good luck on the TK build and I look forward to trooping with you.

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