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Hi From Sting The Newbie!

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This year I've had the honor of working with the Midsouth Garrison at the Nopi car shows. I cant say enough good things about the experience.

I've never worked with a more dedicated and hardcore and just plain nice group of people! - which is refreshing being in Atlanta.. (trust me)

I knew of the 501st, but didnt know what they did until this year, and being a fan since 77, This is where I want to be!

I've been reading alot on the different forums I've been able to join, so I wont ask "where do I start?" but for a newbie, it can be really overwhelming! I plan on building a shadowtrooper, Mando and deathtrooper. Any advice is greatly appreciated and if we are already friends on FB, I will be randomly picking your brain, but you know this already. :wacko:

Hopefully next year Nopi will have more shows in the southeast and I will always give the Midsouth 1st dibs on picking the charities, or doing whatever you want to do at the shows.

Once again, You guys are amazing and do amazing work!

Thank you for all you do and I hope one day to join you in the 501st.

~Sting :bow:

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Sting! Glad you found your way here, man. Thank you for all your support at all the NOPI events. Even though I was only able to make the Atlanta show, the other folks all said they had a great experience, and you were a large part of that. Can't wait to work with you again for future events, and certainly we are all here for questions about building costumes. The Georgia Garrison folks will be a good outlet for you as well, since they're close by, but don't hesitate to contact any of us as well.

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Hey buddy, thanks for all your support for the Legion. We can't say enough about what you have done for Dreams and Wishes and us this year. Look forward to next year, and will keep my eyes open for a kit,

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