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"Request an Appearance" Not Working?

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I am trying to direct a client through our website so I tested the "Request an Appearance" tab on the MSG main site.

That link times out and goes nowhere. Anybody know why or another link I can send this client so she can request an appearance?


Thanks kids.

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I have been notified of a similar issue, from Belmont. I will send them to the 501st main page. Here is his email below.

Kevin –
I hope you’re doing well. Our basketball teams sure are! Both clinched #1 seeds in our OVC tourney and play in the semifinals on Friday.

I wanted to reach out because we’re hosting a Star Wars Day for Belmont Baseball on April 1st and I sent an appearance request to the RL but the 501st request form is not working correctly. Anything you can do to help me? http://midsouthgarrison.com/


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