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Intro from Nashville!

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Hello all! 

My name is Drew and I currently live in Nashville! I have been wanting to join the 501st every since I found out about it and recently, I have started my journey to getting my costume ready for approval! I will be submitting as Kylo Ren! I've got some pictures HERE if you want to see my costume. I have new boots on the way and these photos were all taken before i got my new neck seal, helm, and gloves so ignore the ones in the photos ;) Any feedback is welcome! 

On a different note, I am also a DJ here in Nashville, DJ Remedy! If you've ever been to Play Dance Bar, I am one of the resident DJs! I also was one of the DJs at the rave at MTAC this year as well as the headline DJ for Akaicon's rave the last couple year! 

I am looking forward to meeting lots of new people and recruiting more people to the dark side!

Feel free to add me on Facebook: Drew Bennett

Photo Apr 16, 7 37 09 PM.jpg

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Welcome man! Great to have you. 

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