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Requesting access to the MSG forums... my info.:

Bobi Bilz (SL 92196)

MidSouth Garrison

Louisville, KY

Emperor Palpatine (Michael Steinmacher SL 12942) recruited me.

Requesting access to the MidSouth Garrison discussion board to participate in discussions pertinent to the MSG.

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I've added you, but can you please edit your name in your profile to put your name and not just B and B? Thanks, it will help us get to know you easier :)

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Aloha all,

Ive recently joined up with The Mid south Garrison and am in the process of building my Commander Keller character. Can’t wait until it’s completed! I’m familiar with the 501st Legion as my buddies in Hawaii do that over there. I just never had the real urge to do it until recently. This is an expensive thing to get into.

im a full time artist and fabricator. Later I plan on creating pulls from sculpts when I have just a bit more time. I have fabricated stainless steel Iron man helmet and quite a few custom lightsabers.(no sound or tubes) Lol.

nice to meet you all.

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