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New Recruit Reporting for Duty

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Hey gang! My name is Dusty Beason, and I’m in Knoxville TN.  I’ve seen members of the 501st at lots of events over the years, and got to meet and chat with several last year at Dragon*Con. I’m doing some research and looking into building out my first kit (undecided, but leaning toward scout or shadow scout), and wanted to jump in the forums first to look for tips, and see if the garrison needed any specific troopers/characters?  


I’ll definitely be coming out to some local events and look forward to meeting some of you in person!  


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Love seeing new membership in the Knox area. There's an active group of us here, and we all are willing to help any way we can. 

Since you're considering a Scout for your first character, I'm going to suggest you sign up/register with the Pathfinders Detachment: http://bikerscout.net/ if you haven't already. Very good info and resources over there.  

There's no preferences for costumes. Build what makes you happy, because you have to wear it. Look forward to meeting you!


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