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Can-Tala Mclaren

Tennessee 501st hopeful

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  • Your real, full name

Ronald Barnes - I go by Ron

  • Any 501st, Rebel Legion or other costuming group affliation(s)

I am a new member over at Rebel Legion.  I have a generic style Jedi outfit inspired by Obi-Wan.  I do have a Phantom Menace hilt Saber with a blue blade.  I am also going to attend events with Cosplay Collective.

  • Your location

Middle Tennessee near Portland

  • How you learned about us

I'm not sure actually.  I think a stumbled across it a few years ago.  It was only this year that myself and XxjeffxX (501st and Rebel Legion approved member) got into getting/building CRL approved outfits. 

  • Why you are requesting access to the MidSouth Garrison discussion board

I am seeking Advice, Guidance, and Education on a Royal Guard built, either ROTJ or AOTC, they seem to be the same for the color of the boots.  Once this is built I will submit for approval and then be able to troop in either a Dark Side or Light Side character.


I am looking at two different companies to purchase the soft parts from  Here and Here . Both companies claim to be CRL compliant however I would like to know that from the 501st directly.  I read somewhere that Rubies Royal Guard helm is 501st approved but QC is questionable sometimes.  Korbanth seems to be on the higher quality side but both companies look fantastic.


I know there is an Emperor and Darth Vader that attends functions, might be fitting to add a Royal Guard member to complete the scenes from the movies during a Troop. :)  Besides that, the Royal Guard, behind Darth Vader, have such a presence in the movies even though they are barely seen.  They have been my favorite characters other than Darth from the Dark Side.







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Welcome aboard. You will find a wealth of information and dedicated troopers here in our garrison. If you have not joined the respective detachment boards for the costumes you are interested in, that would be a big step. They are the specialists in what they do and you will find a greater concentration of members for the costumes detailed.  



The Sovereign Protectors will be the best place to start.


@Dirty Trooper Is a shadow guard, reach out to him and he can offer some assistance. 


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Submitted pics....got approved by GML....very excited to troop in my Royal Guard.


TR14850 Reporting in.


Pike should be here within a couple of weeks.


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