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Greetings from FISD and Carida

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Hey Ladies & Gents, 

Greetings from the Eastern Side of Pennsylvania! For those of you who do not know me, I am Pretzel. The salty supreme overlord of snacks. No, anyway. Back to business. I am looking for a volunteer. No, a dedicated leader and knowledge of all things Stormtrooper! I am looking for someone from Tennesse to represent the Stormtroopers on FISD! 
You may wonder what being an Imperial Attache is all about? 

I am the new Ambassador of this program. It is a program (similar to "advisors" but they specialize in all things stormtrooper). The program has been on the FISD since 2011. I think it would be great to see some Midsouth Presence on the FISD boards. 

Below are some details on the position. If interested PM me on FISD. Link to my profile here: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/profile/25864-pretzel/



The FISD is looking for active Detachment Members to be the official representative(s) to their Garrison/Squad as part of our overall outreach effort to the approximately 1800+ Legion TKs who are not active with the FISD, and to help new members reach their full potential within the Detachment.

On to the details . . .

Reach out to the thousands Legion TK's not part of FISD and get them excited about being a Stormtrooper! Give them a reason to shine, and a reason for non-TK's to make their next costume a TK. Give them a reason to call the FISD "home".

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to) welcoming new folks (Introductions) to the FISD, using your knowledge to answer questions for those interested in starting a TK build or in the process of one. As a secondary duty, the Attache will serve as a mentor, helping to bring along the costumes of both old and new members and encouraging those members to aim for EIB and above, thereby raising the quality/screen accuracy level of TKs, giving the Detachment a better look overall.

1. Official status as a full, active 501st Legion Stormtrooper
2. Suggested (but not required) EIB level or above, and must have built your own armor.
3. Good standing with the FISD and your local unit, i.e. not under active disciplinary sanction**
4. Active participant in FISD discussions** 
5. Willingness to assist and encourage recruits and current members, both locally and online to attain EIB and Centurion levels..
6. Good working knowledge of TK armor. This can either be OT, TFA, etc. or a combination of those.

**Please note that extended periods with no communication, disciplinary actions or content unbecoming of the position will be cause for removal from the program.


1. In addition to the title FISD Imperial Attache, each Attache will be able to view the Imperial Propaganda Machine area of the FISD - the same area as the photoshop team (Combat Photographers).

2. Access to the Attache Headquarters section- To discuss things related to the position.

3. Access to merchandise for Attaches only, (coming soon) i.e. patches, decals, stickers, etc. 

We are also highly encouraging the practice of "Armor Parties", and hope to see more within your Garrison/Squad. These are an ideal place to help out new recruits by assisting them in their builds first-hand using your knowledge, getting to know them, and making them feel more a part of our organization, which will keep them more involved and active.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Imperial Attache program, have any questions, simply post here with your interest or PM me, justjoseph63, and we will get back to you quickly!

So... who's up for the challenge?!


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33 minutes ago, JODOKAST said:

Where do I sign up? emoji4.png

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If you haven't done so already Marcus, we need you to be an active part on the FISD boards and get 501st access. Assuming you have the 501st access, you can find how to sign up for the program here: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/15252-fisd-attaché-program/

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