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Hello from Knoxville

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I've been a local for upward of 10 years now and just bought my first Stormtrooper suit. It's already trimmed but I'm still learning how to do cosplay construction and definitely looking for guidance with it.

I'm J ordan Lamber t, not a member of the 501st but slowly working toward getting a suit that would allow me to join.

I'm in Knoxville, I found the MSG through the 501st website. I'm looking for help and tips with assembling my suit and some trooping questions themselves. Thanks.

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Welcome future trooper.

I am the squad leader for the newly formed Knox Eisley Squad within the Garrison, and am a former GML with the garrison. We can totally help you out with the build. We will be at the TN Smokies game tomorrow night for Star Wars Night and are at the zoo next Friday night, but I know we are wanting to have some build days this month to get ready for Marble City Con.

I'll shoot you a PM when we know when and where. For now though, do you know the maker of your armor kit? Where are you in the process? 2 things I would highly suggest is always keep a copy of the CRL, linked below, handy. Also you can refer to this very detailed build tutorial, also linked below. This build is for centurion level which is by no means required and i would actually suggest not using the bracket system for the torso armor as it has a terrible habit of tearing the armor apart, but other than that a lot of this build is the way to go. if you have any specific questions feel free to shoot me a PM. just remember take your time, don't rush it, and research everything before you cut or glue it ;) 







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